When it comes to getting the essential oil that cannabis produces, it is necessary to use the right equipment, as it also affects the quality of the oil that you extract. Furthermore, similar to the extraction equipment in Oregon, it is important to keep your equipment at check for better functionality.

When the equipment is not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, there is a higher chance of contamination that may affect the flavor as well as the nutrients and natural vitamins contained in the oil. It is also a way to make sure that the machine will work properly and efficiently, reducing the repair costs and production time. In this article, we will share with you the four important things you need to consider when cleaning and maintaining your equipment.

1. Identify each part of the equipment that needs attention and maintenance

These important parts include the solvent supply tanks, extraction and separator vessels, temperature chillers/controllers, lines and connections, and compressor pumps.

There is a need for the user to identify these important parts and familiarize how each of the functions in the system to be able to clean whenever they need to. Likewise, it is equally important to know how the whole system works to be able to know how to do troubleshooting in times of issues.

2.Know the appropriate cleaning method and time of each component of the equipment

Identifying each part is insufficient, and there is a need to know when to clean, the frequency of cleaning, as well as the correct method of cleaning each part of the equipment. This information is provided in the manual given upon purchasing the whole extractor, although there is also a need to consider the natural wear and tear of the equipment depending on your maintenance of it.

When cleaning the equipment, avoid cutting corners and make sure that all cleaning procedures are being done and executed. Also, it is important to schedule cleaning and maintenance and follows the schedule.

3.Keep a maintenance log

As mentioned, it is better if you make and keep a schedule where you clean all the parts of specific parts of the equipment, as this will keep you more organized. To make it more effective and motivating, you can have and keep a maintenance log to check up your productivity. It also provides a reference that is easy to access.

4.Keep a supply of replacement components

All equipment has their own time, and before the whole equipment shuts down, there will be several component replacements, and this is what you need to anticipate. So, to be prepared, it is a must to keep in your shelves some component parts of the equipment that need frequent replacement and repair such as valves, o-rings, belts, filters, oil, coolant, and other consumables. This will pave the way for quicker and more convenient repair in the future if the issue is being experienced.

Final thoughts

There, we shared with you the top four most important things you need to consider to maintain your extractor equipment and make it more functional and more durable.