There is a growing interest when it comes to hemp and hemp-related products as more and more people are being educated on the benefits they provide. However, this leads to the labeling confusion on the different kinds of hemp products. This confusion is rooted in the irresponsibility of regulating these kinds of hemp oils in the market. This results in dishonest and misleading labeling and advertising. It can be seen on the number of fake products in all shopping platforms

There are different kinds of hemp extraction systems from Oregon and their processes produce different kinds of hemp oil with different amounts of benefits.

Hem oils can be broken down into three different parts:

Hemp essential oil

CBD oil or hemp extract

Hemp seed oil (refined and unrefined)

Hemp Essential Oil

These are extracted from the flowers and upper leaves of the hemp plants in the process of distilling to get the essence from them. They produce a pale-yellow oil or a green oil, with the green having the most concentrated aroma. An ounce of hemp oil needs over fifty pounds of hemp flowers and leaves: this is how precious an essential oil could be.

It is known for its aroma and its healing abilities, especially on the central nervous system, although it is often used for carrier oil for internal use as well as recreational use. Among the three, it is the rarest.

CBD Oil (Hemp Extract)

As a nonpsychoactive ingredient, this oil has a wide variety of purposes. It is used for medicinal use, a skincare regimen, or a nutritional supplement. It is extracted from the leaves and flowers similar to the hemp essential oil.

There are a lot of health benefits acclaimed by most users such as it relieves anxiety, pain, epileptic seizures, and reduces inflammation.

Depending on the state, hemp oil is legal to buy, although its production is unregulated making it difficult to find a reputable company. Make sure that you choose only that is trusted to provide high-quality oil, such as what we have recommended above. The way that the plants were raised and how it was able to accumulate toxins from the soil, water, and pesticides affect the quality of the extracted oil.

Hemp Seed Oil

There are two kinds hemp seed oil, refined and unrefined. Refined simply means that that oil has undergone heat process for extraction and so it is clear and colorless. Because of the heat, it might have lost most of its flavor, antioxidants, and natural vitamins. It is commonly used for fuel, lubricants, and body care products. Because it is deodorized and bleached, it has a longer shelf life.

Contrary to this, unrefined oil means it has been cold-pressed and does not undergo heat process, bleaching, and deodorization. It has a nutty flavor, and still contain most of its natural vitamins, nutrition, and its virgin form. Because of this, it has a shorter shelf life and is more expensive compared with the refined one.

As hemp oil has been popularly used, there is a need to be informed about its types as different types are made from different processes and produce different effects.